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New in Version 1.4

When you first enter math dungeon, you will find yourself in the entry hall. In this hall you we see several staircases leading to the different dungeon levels. In order to gain access to a dungeon level, you must first make your way to the exit in the dungeon level before it. Once you do so, you will find the gate blocking the entrance to the next level to have vanished. Each dungeon becomes more difficult as you progress, the knights and slimes have more HP (Health/Hit Points) and do more damage to you, so you will want to make sure to spend the gold you earn at the merchant on some new upgraded armor and weapons!

To move the knight around the dungeon, you can simply tap next to him to move him in that direction. So if you want to move to the right, tap the screen to the right of the blue knight. You can also use the direction arrows at the bottom right of the screen if you are playing on an iPad.

When you move around the dungeon, you will encounter Red Knights, Slimes, Treasure Chests, Keys and Gates on your way to the exit. Red Knights and Slimes will ask you math questions, which you must answer in the given time in order to attack them. When you defeat the slime or knight, you will receive XP (Experience Points) which will eventually increase your knights level. As you increase in levels, the questions will get a little bit harder.

If you get a question wrong or you don't answer in the time given, you will be attacked by the knight or slime and take some damage. Be sure to visit the merchant to buy some health potions to restore your health if your HP gets too low, if your HP drops to zero, you will lose half of your gold and restart the dungeon you are currently playing. When you encounter a treasure chest, you will have once chance to open the lock and get the gold, if you get the question wrong or don't answer fast enough, the chest will break and the gold will magically disappear.